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PCAP Touch Freestanding Digital Posters (50″-55″)

£2,330.00£2,690.00Approximately:$2,903.18 - $3,351.74

Commercial Touch Screen Totem Solution With Integrated Android PC

(50″ and 55″) Other sizes available on request

Commercial Touch Totems With Giant tablet Styling; Perfect For Creating Interactive Experiences


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Product description

PCAP Touch Freestanding Digital Posters

The PCAP Touch Freestanding Digital Poster is the perfect solution for business looking for something interactive to attract and engage customers to their establishment, most commonly used in the retail sector this display can be used to show off your catalogue of products.


What makes the PCAP Touch Freestanding Digital Poster so great?

Integrated Android Media Player

The built-in Android media player allows you to easily run and update on-screen content via a website, our own online CMS platform or any other compatible third-party software also with the cheaper alternative to use a USB stick for plug and play, although we recommend the use of CMS for a streamlined and easy experience USB plug and play can work if you don’t plan on changing the content often or at all.

10 point PCAP touch on this Digital Poster

Having up to 10 touch points allows users to perform a variety of touch gestures, including manipulating images and zooming in/out – much like you would with a domestic tablet or smart phone. It also allows multiple users to interact with the screen at the same time.

Surface Plasma Treatment

A special oleophobic coating makes the glass front more resistant to the oily residue left by fingerprints and improves the smoothness of touch gestures. Unlike other touch screens on the market, this glass is not etched, which vastly enhances the optical clarity.

24/7 Commercial Use

The PCAP Touch Freestanding Digital Poster is able to be in constant 24/7 use for over 70,000 hours thanks to their commercial grade LCD panel, media player and other components. They also have no external buttons or controls to prevent tampering.

450cd/m² IPS Panel

Thanks to the commercial grade IPS technology, these panels are designed to accurately display image quality and colour depth with no fall-off in colour accuracy, as well as achieving ultimate lifelike colour temperature in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Internal Locker

Having a lockable compartment in the rear of the display with space to fit a small PC or media player means running the screen from an external source is easy – simply use the HDMI or VGA and 5mm audio inputs. This device can be powered from inside the locker with no need for additional power cables.

Easy Manoeuvrability

Thanks to the lightweight design, integrated castors and recessed rear handles, these displays offer a portable solution that can be easily be moved around. For more permanent installations, the retractable feet can be used to keep the display in place.

Built-In Speakers

Take your digital signage solution to the next level by adding an audio element using the two integrated slimline speakers.

Touch Content Management System

You can run your own touch software from the integrated PC board with Android or take advantage of our user friendly Touch Cloud Management System that puts you in control as you create, deploy and touch your very own content on screen.
First, you create your custom layouts with our user friendly software that requires no knowledge of coding to use. Then deploy the content from your PC direct to your Touch Screens in a matter of seconds. Now all that is left to do is touch as you let your content do the talking about your brand, company, service or product.

Looking for an alternative?

We understand that you may not want a touch solution in your establishment but still want the aesthetic of a digital poster, well luckily for you we have a digital poster range to suit your needs and requirements:

Freestanding digital poster- 50″-55″

exactly the same as the pcap freestanding digital poster, but without the touch. great for minimalistic and simple digital signage while still being eye grabbing.

65″ 4k Freestanding Digital Poster

The most impressive in our Digital Poster range boasting a 4k visual with a huge monolithic aesthetic this display is guaranteed to attract customers with it huge stature and crystal clear visuals.

Additional information


50 inch, 55 inch


Black, White

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