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Freestanding Digital Posters – (50″-55″)

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Showstopping digital advertising totems with giant tablet styling



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Product description

Freestanding Digital Posters

Freestanding Digital Posters are a modern, minimalistic and simple way of advertising your products and engaging your customers in the retail sector, with sharp visuals and the ability to change content at the click of a finger, this a perfect solution to modernise your establishment.


Are Freestanding Digital Posters Functional?

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our Freestanding Digital Posters. With a tempered glass face, a sleek design and wheels for easy mobility. These displays modernise in-store signage.


Manage Content easily with Freestanding Digital Posters

Our Freestanding Digital Posters come with an integrated Media Player which gives you full convenience when altering your content. There are two options for Content management, USB plug and Play and CMS (Content Management System), we recommend USB plug and play if you wont be changing your content as often as it is a longer process too alter the content.

If you will be changing your content often we HEAVILLY recommend the CMS option. we offer a CMS subscription that allows you to remotely manage and change your content with a click of a finger, if you would like to design the content yourself this is made easier with our CMS as it comes with 100’s of premade templates and tutorials to guide you.


24/7 Commercial Grade Durability

Designed for continuous use, our Digital Posters utilize commercial-grade LCD panels, LED backlights, and internal components. With the ability to run 24/7 operation for over 70,000 hours.

Our displays ensure longevity and reliability.


450cd/m² IPS Panel: Stunning Image Quality

Experience image quality like and colour depth like no other with the commercial-grade IPS technology.

Achieve life-like colours from an ultra-wide viewing angle in portrait orientation, enhancing the visual impact of your content.


Power Timer for Environmental Efficiency

You can maximise your environmental efficiency with the eco-friendly power timer. Assign daily or weekly on/off times, ensuring the display operates precisely when needed.


Free Scheduling Software: Customizable Content Display

Benefit from free scheduling software, allowing you to display different content at various times of the day. Keep it simple by updating the screen directly without using the software if preferred.


Internal Locker: Secure and Convenient

Securely house a small PC or media player in the lockable compartment at the rear of the display. Easily connect external sources through HDMI or VGA inputs, all powered conveniently from inside the locker.


Easy Manoeuvrability: Portable and Practical

Thanks to the lightweight design, integrated castors, and recessed rear handles, these digital posters offer a portable solution that can be effortlessly moved around. For permanent installations, utilize the retractable feet for stability.


Built-In Speakers: Elevate Your Content

Add an extra dimension to your digital signage with the integrated slimline speakers. Elevate your content with impactful audio that enhances the overall experience.


Black Version Available: Tailor to Your Aesthetic

Choose from the classic white model or opt for a piano black version, allowing you to tailor the display to your preferred aesthetic.


Optional Network Upgrade: Seamless Remote Updates

Unlock the potential of remote updates with our optional network upgrade. Seamlessly update your Digital Posters via LAN, Wi-Fi, or 4G for a connected and efficient advertising strategy.


Looking for an alternative?

While we know that our Freestanding Digital Poster is great we understand that different people have different needs so we have a whole range of Freestanding Digital Posters to match your requirements:

 The 65″ 4K Freestanding Digital Poster:

Much like our normal Digital Posters this Displays has all the features the normal one’s have but its much larger and has a 4K Display with a much more robust enclosure, this ones for the people going above and beyond in their Digital Signage efforts.

PCAP Touch Freestanding Digital Poster:

Designed in the exact same way as our Digital Posters, but with a PCAP Touchscreen! This is perfect for making your retail store, etc an interactive experience and fully engage your customers.


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