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Ultra Wide Stretched Bar Displays (28′-37′)

£750.00£880.00Approximately:$956.25 - $1,122.00

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Product description

Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar Display

this versatile retail solution features an ultra-wide display with multiple media zones, allowing you to create engaging and dynamic content that captures your customers’ attention. Here are some key features:

Versatile Retail Solution

This solution offers a range of applications, whether used as part of an end-aisle display or as an individual screen. The flexibility of portrait or landscape use, combined with the ultra-wide aspect ratio, makes it the perfect companion for our LCD Shelf Edge Displays.

Synchronise Multiple Displays

With the multi-screen synchronisation function, you can seamlessly place multiple displays side-by-side and run attention-grabbing content across the entire promotional endcap.

Streamlined Enclosure

Designed to maximize the impact of your content, this display feature a sleek, narrow bezel. The compact design adds to the aesthetic appeal and reduces strain on shelf edges.

High Brightness

Ideal for brightly-lit retail spaces, this display feature high brightness (1,000 cd/m²) . This ensures that your content stands out and grabs attention.

IPS Panel

this display utilize commercial-grade IPS panels, guaranteeing incredible image quality and colour depth at an ultra-wide viewing angle in any direction, without any compromise in colour accuracy.

Clear HD Resolution

This solution uses full HD LCD panels to provide a clear image and fine details. This high resolution is essential for legibility, especially when displaying text at close proximity, and ensures optimal results when showing videos.

Free Network Upgrade

This display come with a free upgrade to unlock network CMS functionality. With the built-in Android media player, you can easily update the screen using USB plug and play or third-party software if necessary.

24/7 Commercial Grade

Designed for supermarkets and other retail spaces, this display utilizes commercial-grade components, including LCD panel and LED backlight, allowing them to run constantly 24/7 for over 70,000 hours.

Multiple Inputs

If you need to use the screen as a monitor, you can connect it to an external source, such as a third-party PC or media player, using the HDMI or VGA and 3.5mm audio jack inputs.

Upgrade to the ultra-wide displays with multiple media zones and take your retail marketing to the next level. Engage your customers, showcase your products, and create an immersive shopping experience that stands out from the crowd.

If none of these Displays are for you, we offer a 58:9 ultra wide stretched bar displays for the more awkward spots click here to learn more

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