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Professional Monitor – (32″-55″)

£365.00£925.00Approximately:$463.92 - $1,175.68

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Product description

Our Professional Monitor



A professional monitor is a tough, long-lasting screen made for showing promotional content, information, or messages in places like stores, airports, or restaurants.

These screens are built strong to work all day, and they come with features like remote control for changing what’s shown, really bright screens so you can see them well even in bright places, and options for how you can put them up.

They also have lots of ways to connect to other devices like computers or media players. Basically, they’re perfect for businesses or places that want to put up eye-catching displays that people can easily see and interact with.


How long can our Professional Monitor be on for?

Built for continuous usage, our display comes with a built in commercial-grade IPS panel. Distinguishing it from your average TV and limited-usage professional monitors. The IPS panel guarantees over 70,000 hours of lifespan. Which ensures longevity for your ongoing content requirements.


Narrow Bezel design

Maximize visual impact with the sleek Narrow Bezel design on the professional monitor.

The narrow bezel prevents distractions and draws attention to the captivating images on the screen.  This is Ideal for constructing budget-friendly video walls, this feature enhances the overall visual appeal of your content.


Versatility with Various Sizes (32”, 43”, 50” ,55”)

Available in a wide range of sizes, including 32inch, 43 inch, 50 inch, and 55 inch, our Professional Monitor caters to diverse preferences and applications. Whether you need a compact 43inch  display or a larger 55 inch visual experience and anything in between, our monitors offer the perfect solution to suit your requirements.

We also have a 10” POS Monitor if your require an even smaller monitor display


Built-In Media Player

Experience smooth media playback with the Built-in Media Player. Offering AV inputs and the convenience of running content directly from a USB drive. Load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick then insert it into the display, and witness your content play in a continuous loop.


Immersive Audio and Eco-Friendly Technology on our Professional Monitor

Engage your audience with integrated slimline speakers, delivering crisp audio for applications with a sound element.

The LED Backlight Technology ensures enhanced brightness, contrast, and eco-friendliness, making it mercury-free and energy-efficient.


Efficient Power Management and Control

Take control of your screen with the eco-friendly Power Timer, allowing you to assign daily or weekly on/off  times for your screen to start playing, improving your environmental efficiency.

The Smart Temperature Control System ensures reliable performance with a fanless cooling system, maintaining internal components at the ideal working temperature.


RS-232 Remote Control for Enhanced Accessibility

added convenience, the RS-232 Remote Control enables remote control, scaling, and customization over short and long distances over your professional monitor.

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