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Self Service Kiosk PCAP – (22′-27′)

£2,022.00£2,090.00Approximately:$2,553.79 - $2,639.67

Commercial Self Ordering Touch Screen Solution For Quick Service Restaurants with Integrated QR Code Scanner and Receipt Printer


Product description

Revolutionize Your Business with the All-In-One Self-Service Kiosk

Enhancing Efficiency, Elevating Customer Experience with the self service kiosk

Introduction to the Self-Service Kiosk Solution

Discover the transformative power of our Self-Service Kiosk, an all-in-one solution meticulously crafted for the fast-food sector and adaptable to various retail environments. This cutting-edge system integrates a PCAP touch screen, QR code scanner, printer, and optional credit card payment reader in a single, user-friendly package.

 Features Designed for Optimal Functionality

Integrated Epson Printer for Seamless Printing: Experience swift and reliable printing with the integrated Epson printer, capable of producing receipts and promotional vouchers. With advanced technology, this inkless thermal printer boasts a printing speed of up to 250mm/sec and options to reduce paper usage by up to 30%.

Easy Roll Replace for Efficient Maintenance: Simplify maintenance with a separate compartment for till roll replacement. Staff can swiftly and conveniently replace the roll without accessing the main door, ensuring seamless operations.

Integrated QR Code Scanner & Thermal Receipt Printer: The scanner, equipped with an LED light for improved reading, facilitates barcode and QR code scanning. Enhance customer engagement by incorporating special offers or enabling easy order placement.

 Easy Maintenance and Enhanced Security in the self service kiosk

Tool-Free Maintenance and Cleaning: Unlock hassle-free maintenance through the lockable front access door, allowing staff to replace components without detaching the kiosk from the wall. The recessed touch screen and barcode scanner offer a wipe-clean surface for added convenience.

Anti-Theft Mounting Options: Safeguard your investment with secure wall mounting options, providing an anti-theft flush fit. An optional floor stand is available when wall mounting is impractical.

 Durable Design and 24/7 Reliability

Super Durable Anti-Glare Glass: Ensure longevity with thermally toughened glass featuring a special anti-scratch 6H hardness coating. The anti-reflective panel minimizes disruptions caused by external light sources.

24/7 Constant Use: Tailored for the demands of quick-service restaurants and supermarkets, our Self-Service Kiosk is built for continuous use, contributing to uninterrupted operations.

Customization for Your Unique Business Needs

Various Sizes and Colours: Choose from 22-inch and 27-inch options to suit your space. Additionally, request bespoke units with integrated cameras or double-sided configurations. Personalize your kiosk further with coloured vinyl wraps, custom logos, and graphics.

High-Performance Built-In Windows PC and Optional NFC Integration

Built-in Intel Core i5 Windows PC: Harness impressive performance around the clock with the powerful built-in Intel Core i5 Windows PC. Support for Android and Linux operating systems is also available.

Optional NFC Card Reader: Seamlessly integrate an optional NFC card reader for swift, contactless payments via mobile devices, adding convenience to the self-service experience.

Transform your business operations and enhance customer satisfaction with our state-of-the-art Self-Service Kiosk. Experience the future of efficient, interactive, and customer-centric service today.

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22 inch, 27 inch

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