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4 Reasons to Upgrade to the UBA PRO

4 Reasons to Upgrade to the JCM UBA PRO

Its been 3 months since the UBA 10 got replaced by the UBA PRO, in this article we discuss 4 reasons why you need to upgrade to the UBA PRO

#1 Lack of Software Support

JCM has stopped supporting UBA software updates. This means:

  • New bank notes might not be recognized, increasing the risk of accepting counterfeit notes.


  • Acceptance rates for genuine notes could decrease over time.


  • Without updated firmware, you will eventually need to upgrade to the UBA Pro.

#2 Affordable Upgrade

The UBA-10 head can be easily swapped with the UBA Pro head, while the stacker and cash box remain fully compatible. This makes it an extremely affordable upgrade option.

#3 Superior Performance

The UBA Pro outperforms the old UBA by offering:

  • Faster validation


  • Higher acceptance rates


  • Enhanced security

#4 Improved Reliability

Next-generation components enhance service and reliability, improving uptime and reducing failure rates.

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