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    Discover  Mimo Monitors with E-Screen– The  Trusted Small Touchscreen Solution Provider in the UK Elevate your digital experience with Mimo Monitors, a renowned global expert and industry leader in small touchscreen monitors, displays, and tablets since 2008. Our commitment to a solutions-first approach has positioned us as the go-to provider for Fortune 500 companies and leading brands, including Google, Logitech, Verifone, Hertz, John Deere, and Four Winds Interactive. Why Choose Mimo? Small Touchscreens, Big Impact: Our displays are designed with a small footprint and high value, driving innovation across various sectors such as digital signage, conference rooms, kiosks, point of purchase, point of sale, hospitality, and retail. Human Connection at the Core: With a focus on providing touchscreens with a human touch, Mimo Monitors places customer service at the forefront. Expect personalized, direct communication and detail-oriented service that ensures your satisfaction. Flexibility and Customizability: We prioritize flexible and customizable solutions tailored to your needs. Our intuitive touchscreens are easy to deploy, sleek in design, and enhance productivity and user experience. Trusted Worldwide, Available in the UK: Our world-class team has successfully deployed Mimo Monitors solutions globally. As the exclusive UK distributor of this renowned brand, we bring cutting-edge small touchscreen solutions to your fingertips. Elevate Your Digital Experience: Experience the difference – where innovation, flexibility, and superior customer service converge to provide the most trusted touchscreen monitors worldwide. Here at E-screen, as the Only UK distributor we can offer the best prices and great delivery/lead times as we hold an extensive and varied stock of MIMO products

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