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Wall Mounted PCAP Outdoor Touch Screen Display – (22″-65″)

£2,040.00£8,710.00Approximately:$2,647.92 - $11,305.58

SKU: OW22D-T2, OW32D4-T2, OW43D4-T2, OW49D-T2, OW55D-T2, OW65D-T2 Categories: ,

Product description

Outdoor Touch Screen Display : Unmatched Visibility and Durability

Direct Sunlight Readable: Illuminate Your Outdoor Experience

Our outdoor touch screen displays redefine visibility with commercial-grade ultra-high brightness panels (2,500cd/m²), offering readability up to 10 times brighter than conventional TVs. Even under the sun’s direct gaze, your content remains easily visible and captivating.

Weatherproof Assurance: Endure Nature’s Challenges

Engineered to withstand the elements, our outdoor touch screen displays boast an IP65-rated enclosure, safeguarding against wet weather conditions and airborne dust particles. With a waterproof coating on internal circuit boards and over-moulded AV connectors, rest assured your display remains resilient in any outdoor setting.

Vandal-Proof Design: Robust Security for Public Spaces

In IK10-rated displays featuring a mild steel enclosure and thermally-toughened glass front, vandalism becomes a non-issue. Controls and inputs are discreetly hidden to deter tampering, ensuring your outdoor touch screen display stands up to the rigors of public spaces.

Advanced Temperature Control System: Optimal Performance, Always

Maximize display lifespan with our advanced temperature control system. The internal airflow system ensures the screen operates at the optimal temperature, adapting to external conditions seamlessly. Built-in air conditioning can be customized to function flawlessly in any climate.

Anti-Reflective Glass: Clarity in Bright Conditions

Specially treated front glass diffuses direct sunlight, maintaining clarity in bright weather conditions. Our outdoor touch screen displays guarantee readability, providing an exceptional viewing experience under varying light intensities.

Plug and Play Convenience: Effortless Content Management

Enjoy the simplicity of Plug and Play for seamless content updates. Load images and videos onto a USB, insert it into the display, and watch your content copy over effortlessly. Your visuals now play in a continuous loop, captivating your audience effortlessly.

Free Lockable Wall Mount: Secure Versatility

Included at no extra cost, our lockable wall mount ensures a complete turnkey solution. Securely mount your outdoor touch screen display in landscape or portrait orientation for maximum versatility.

Internal Locker: Expand Your Connectivity

Need to run the screen from an external source? The lockable compartment offers space for a small PC or media player, connecting effortlessly via HDMI, VGA, or 3.5mm audio inputs.

4K Compatible: Immersive Viewing

Experience four times the resolution of Full HD with HDMI connectivity, providing unparalleled picture quality for an immersive viewing experience.

Optional Network Upgrade: Stay Connected, Anywhere

For a nominal charge, upgrade your screen to be networked via Wi-Fi, LAN, or 4G. Remotely update your content over the internet, ensuring your display stays connected and up-to-date.

Customization Available: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Explore bespoke options with our outdoor touch screen displays. From incorporating cameras or touch screen upgrades to adding a 4G module for mobile connectivity or a vinyl logo/wrap, we can bring your unique vision to life.

PCAP Touch Screen Precision: Responsive Interaction, Superior Quality

Our state-of-the-art projected capacitive technology ensures the most responsive and sensitive touch experience available. The PCAP touch screen maintains superior optical quality and remains unaffected by dust or debris, providing an uninterrupted and seamless touch experience.

No Ghost Touch: Ultimate Accuracy

Phantom touches are eliminated with electrodes sandwiched between two layers of special protective glass. Enjoy ultimate accuracy and a seamless touch experience with our outdoor touch screen displays.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Unrivalled Outdoor Touch Screen Display Innovation. 🌐🌞

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