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Digital Window Display Ultra High Brightness – 43″-75″

£1,770.00£4,370.00Approximately:$2,231.97 - $5,510.57

Sunlight Readable Digital Signage Advertising Screen


Designed for outward-facing window displays in direct sunlight

SKU: UHB43HD8-B UHB49HD8, UHB55HD8, UHB65HD8-B2, UHB75HD8-B2 Categories: ,

Product description

Digital Window Display

Is the Digital Window Display Bright?

The digital window display to captures the attention of viewers with its incredibly bright panels. These panels are 10 times brighter than traditional home TVs, boasting an impressive 3,500cd/m². Even in bright sunlight, people passing by can easily see the display content shining brightly.

This digital display makes your message noticeable to people passing by. It can show promotional materials, ads, or important information. This helps your message stand out and catch the attention of passersby.

The bright light of the tool attracts customers and increases visibility. This makes it ideal for businesses looking to make a strong impact with their advertising.

Will my Digital Window Display be affected by glare?

This display features special ultra-high brightness panels, ensuring resilience in the face of surface temperatures up to 110°C. This is particularly vital for outward-facing digital window displays constantly exposed to direct sunlight, preventing any blackening defects.

 Slim Bezel Design on your Digital Window Display

The sleek narrow bezel not only imparts a modern aesthetic but also directs maximum attention to on-screen content, delivering high-impact messaging that captures the audience’s focus.

Elegance in Every Detail: Lightweight Aluminium Enclosure

Crafted with an aluminium front frame, this display offers high thermal conductivity for rapid heat dissipation. The lightweight design facilitates easy installation, complemented by integrated rear handles for added convenience. The robust mild steel back case ensures durability.

Adaptive Brightness: Ambient Light Sensor

Equipped with an external ambient light sensor, this digital window display automatically adjusts brightness according to the environment. This feature not only ensures optimal visibility but also enables seamless kiosk integration.

Visible Clarity through Polarised Lenses

While standard LCD panels may appear dark or even black through polarized glasses, this specialized digital window display remains crystal clear. Rest assured that messages are always visible, leaving no room for missed opportunities.

Effortless Content Management: Integrated Android Media Player

The integrated Android media player simplifies content updates on your digital window display via USB plug and play. Optionally, elevate the screen to networked status without additional hardware, unlocking the cloud-based CMS software. Third-party software integration is also possible.

Smart Temperature Control: Ensure Longevity

This display employs a responsive internal airflow system, maintaining optimal working temperature for the panel and internal components. This ensures a long and reliable lifespan, even when continuously used in outward-facing windows.

Reliability Beyond Limits: 24/7 Commercial Grade

Built with commercial-grade LCD panels, LED backlight, and internal components, this display is engineered for constant use, 24/7, for over 70,000 hours. With no external buttons or controls, tampering is avoided, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

We also offer a double side hanging window display

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43 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch

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