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e-screen grey background NEW! Mimo Myst Link 10.1" This innovative conference room solution is recognized by PCs as a regular display, maximizing usable space and productivity, without increasing complexity and IT requirements. Due to its ubiquitous cabling, which also supplies power (no power at the table needed!), it is seamless for IT to set up and simple to maintain, cutting long-term costs and the need for technical know-how. MIMO Featured image Read More e-screen grey background Browse Through
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POS Android Advertising Displays- 10″-15″

£230.00£360.00Approximately:$290.03 - $453.96

Stand Alone Point of Sale Display

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Product description

Effortless Content Management for Dynamic Displays

Seamlessly upload content with Plug and Play simplicity – load images and videos onto a USB stick, insert it into the display, and watch your content play in a continuous loop. Power your screen with provided cables or opt for Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for streamlined installations, combining power and internet connectivity.

Reliable 24/7 Commercial Performance

Designed for public spaces, these displays feature commercial-grade LCD panels and LED backlights, ensuring over 70,000 hours of continuous use. With a buttonless tempered glass frontage, lightweight polymer enclosure, and screwless design, they are ideal for shelf-edge and POS displays, offering both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Vibrant LED Design with Multi-Coloured Frame

Enhance visual appeal with LED edges in red, green, or blue, or disable them if preferred. The displays feature VESA mounting holes for secure installation and come with complimentary Scheduling Software, allowing you to create playlists and schedule content display at pre-determined times.

Extended Lifespan Without Built-in Batteries

Unlike domestic tablets, these displays lack built-in batteries, ensuring prolonged lifespan for constant 24/7 use in public spaces. Power them directly from the mains or over PoE for uninterrupted functionality.

Enhanced Engagement with Optional Upgrades

Upgrade to a PCAP touch screen for increased audience interaction or transition from standalone to network for remote content updates via the online portal. Elevate your POS Advertising display experience with versatile options tailored to your needs.

PCAP Touch version available here:

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10 inch, 15 inch

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