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Outdoor Digital A Board 43″


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Product description

Outdoor Digital A Board

A Battery Power Digital Signage Solution

The Digital A Board is fully portable

Experience unparalleled portability with our Digital A Board. A lightweight, non-foldable design equipped with rugged castors for easy manoeuvrability. Whether you’re moving it across a restaurant floor or transporting it to an outdoor event. One person can effortlessly handle it, thanks to its cleverly engineered design.

Security Redefined with your Digital A Board

The built-in locking bar ensures stability once in position. Providing peace of mind that your Digital A-Board will stay securely in place. Additionally, for added security in public spaces or outdoor settings and a padlock can be employed to deter tampering or theft, safeguarding your investment and content.

How long does the Digital A Board last?

Redefine the possibilities of digital signage with the integrated commercial grade lithium-polymer battery. Which offers over 14 hours of continuous operation on a single charge. This extensive battery life eliminates the need for restrictive power sources and allows you to position your A-Board exactly where it’s needed without worrying about access to electrical outlets.

Weatherproof Performance

With an IP65 rating, our A Board is designed to withstand a variety of environmental conditions. Including airborne swarf, dust, and wet weather conditions. Whether it’s placed outdoors on a patio or in a bustling indoor environment. You can trust that your Digital A Board will continue to perform reliably. Ensuring your message reaches your audience regardless of the weather.

Sleek and Sturdy Design

Crafted with a tempered glass front for panel protection and a moulded polymer rear for enhanced portability. The Digital A Board combines sleek aesthetics with rugged durability. The fixed display, support, and castors are engineered to withstand frequent use and transportation. Which provides long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

High Brightness for Outdoor Brilliance

Equipped with a 700cd/m² IPS Panel which is 2.5 times brighter than a domestic TV. Our A Board delivers exceptional brightness that’s up to three times brighter than standard domestic TVs. This high brightness ensures optimal visibility even in outdoor spaces and under varying lighting conditions. Making your content stand out and capture attention wherever it’s displayed.

Effortless Content Management

Enjoy seamless content updates with our Plug and Play feature, which allows you to simply load images and videos on a USB stick and insert it into the display. Your content will play in a continuous loop without the need for complicated setup or software, providing a hassle-free solution for keeping your messaging fresh and engaging.

Battery Status at a Glance

Stay informed about your Digital A Board’s battery life with the charge level indicator, which provides real-time updates on the remaining power. This feature ensures that you’re never caught off guard by a drained battery, allowing you to plan and schedule charging times to maintain uninterrupted operation. You also don’t need to worry about  glaring as it comes equipped with an ambient light sensor that adapts to different levels of light.

Versatile Colour Options

Choose from the classic piano black model for a timeless look or opt for the modern and stylish white version to complement contemporary aesthetics. With versatile colour options, you can customize your Digital A Board to align with your brand identity and enhance its visual impact in any environment.

Optional Network Upgrade

Elevate your signage strategy with the optional network upgrade, which enables remote updates via LAN, Wi-Fi, or 4G connectivity. With this feature, you can easily manage and schedule content from anywhere, ensuring that your messaging remains relevant and up-to-date without the need for manual intervention.

Ideal for Various Settings

  • Hospitality industry: Enhance guest experiences with interactive menus and promotions, whether indoors in a restaurant or outdoors on a patio.
  • Retail environments: Grab attention with vibrant displays in busy shopping areas, showcasing promotions, product information, and branding messages.
  • Events and exhibitions: Guide attendees with dynamic signage for seamless navigation, providing directions, schedules, and important announcements to enhance the event experience.

Digital Signage is proven to improve sales and customer experience

Looking for an alternative?

White Version

If the Black version isn’t for you we also have an all white colourway, these are made to order so Contact Us for pricing and lead times

High Brightness Digital A-Board

If the normal A Board isn’t for you, we have the high brightness version. This works exactly like the normal A Board but it is two times Brighter with 1500 CD/M², this makes sure you will not go unnoticed in the high street.



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