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Mimo Touch 2, 7″ Portable Resistive Touch Display


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Product description

Mimo Touch 2, 7-inch Portable Resistive Touch USB Monitor

The Mimo Touch 2 is one of our most popular and widely installed products by far, and such widespread acceptance into the everyday lives of our customers is the result of its unique, highly specialized design. In short, the 7-inch display and housing of the Mimo Touch 2 works for you, and it is intended to function according to your work and play preferences. Switching out orientations from portrait to landscape modes has never been easier with the Mimo Touch 2’s innovative display, which can be rotated on a vertical axis any way you please for the best viewing angle possible. Or, alternatively, remove the screen from the stand entirely and utilize it as a single unit consisting only of the touch display – perfect for POS and similar environments where only basic user input is required in some applications. Combined with a cutting-edge high-resolution display, resistive touch functionality right out of the box, and fast response times (30ms), the Mimo Touch 2 is the perfect workspace companion.

The innovations don’t stop there, either. The Mimo Touch 2’s award-winning design combines flexible, multipurpose uses with improved durability and great looks. Despite being our most affordable freestanding USB-driven touchscreen system, the Touch 2 packs a lot of performance, power, and potential in its minimalistic and barely-there exterior design. Add useful desktop space with this versatile, economical, and portable plug-n-play device. The Mimo Touch 2 is also compatible with the Flex-Arm Mount accessory for a near-endless range of mounting options onto virtually any flat surface. As an added bonus, the system comes complete with a highly responsive and accurate stylus for precision input, making it out of the box a system perfect for graphic design applications and basic user interactions.

  • 16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio
  • DisplayLink single-cable connection covering power, touch, and video in a single connection
  • Integrated stylus for resistive touch display
  • Rotatable display can be fixed into either portrait or landscape orientation or detached from the stand and used as a single tablet-like interface.
  • 800×480 display resolution, 350:1 contrast ratio, 30ms response time

The Mimo Touch 2 is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. A unique feature of this device is, unlike most of our others, it does not require an additional driver download on Mac OS to enable touch functionality – everything you need is on the system right out of the box!

USB Extender

Do you need to spread out your workspace and add some distance between your computer system and a Mimo Touch 2 display? If so, our USB extender is the perfect solution. Cost-effective, reliable, and built specifically for connectivity with Mimo Monitors products, it includes Power over Twisted Pair functionality to reduce wire clutter and maximize available space. Fumbling with AC power cords is now ancient history with this innovative device!

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