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e-screen grey background NEW! Mimo Myst Link 10.1" This innovative conference room solution is recognized by PCs as a regular display, maximizing usable space and productivity, without increasing complexity and IT requirements. Due to its ubiquitous cabling, which also supplies power (no power at the table needed!), it is seamless for IT to set up and simple to maintain, cutting long-term costs and the need for technical know-how. MIMO Featured image Read More e-screen grey background Browse Through
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MIMO 7″ Open Frame USB Resistive Touch Display


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Product description

Open Frame 7” USB Resistive Touch Screen Monitor

Mimo Monitors’ UM-760R- OF is a powerhouse and a highly streamlined system that is in equal parts convenient, highly efficient, and fully capable of handling whatever you can throw at it. The same 7” resistive touchscreen monitor made popular by our UM- 760R model is now available in an open-frame format for maximum compatibility with applications that will be integrated into other equipment or enclosures. The screen can display in either landscape or portrait orientations, making it the perfect complement to any size or application of workstation. The UM-760R- OF open-frame touchscreen monitor is designed to provide a cost-effective alternative that doesn’t sacrifice performance for convenience.

The Mimo UM-760R- OF is perfectly suited to a wide array of applications and uses, making the end user experience more comfortable, seamless, simplified and yet intuitive and engaging. Are you in need of a new display with basic single-touch input for operating machinery, but need it to fit within an existing enclosure to save costs? Look no further. Or, have you been looking for a customer input device for your hotel lobby to securely enter information and speed up the check-in/check- out process? This display is a great solution. The Mimo UM-760R- OF has been specifically designed for maximum performance in consumer, retail POS, and hospitality markets and includes performance innovations geared towards enhancing the user experience and increasing overall efficiency.

The entire system is housed in a barely-there and incredibly lightweight open-frame housing, allowing for complete compatibility with existing enclosures and full accessibility to all ports and inputs/outputs. The display itself boasts high brightness, a fantastic resolution, and an enhanced viewing angle for optimal performance and user interactivity.

Regardless whether you’re operating a retail space, running a hotel or rental business, planning a conference and need a reliable system to work with or simply need a new screen for gaming, this is the perfect monitor for your needs. It is designed to be highly resilient and efficient, and you can be assured of maximum functionality with a wide array of applications. The barely-there housing is designed to enable for maximum integration and compatibility with all sorts of equipment and installations, reducing the cost to be up and running and maximizing efficiency.

If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting product that provides consistently high performance throughout its lifetime and compatibility with existing environments, the Mimo UM-760R- OF is the ideal solution for your computing and display needs. Built for seamless user interaction and capable of delivering excellent performance thanks to its reliability-focused design, you can be assured of a premium quality product that will make your application more efficient and fun!

System Features:

  • DisplayLinkTM technology for video, touch and power inputs over a single-cable connection
  • Lightweight (less than one pound)
  • Designed to function efficiently in a variety of environments (retail, hospitality, etc.)

We believe in user-friendliness and streamlined compatibility. That’s why, like our other products, the Mimo UM-760R- OF is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10, Linux, and Mac OS (Note to Mac OS users: requires the additional purchase of a £30.00 driver to activate touchscreen capability).

USB Extender

Do you need more distance between your Mimo monitor and installation? Be sure to check out our highly efficient and clutter-free USB extender.

Using Power over Twisted Pair to power the remote side from the source side, it streamlines wire connections over a single, handy cable. Gone are the days of fumbling with AC power cords.

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