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Mimo 7″ Open Frame USB Capacitive Touch Display


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Product description

The UM-760C-OF

adds capacitive touch technology to Mimo’s line of 7-inch open frame displays.

The UM-760C-OF is a 7” small capacitive open frame touchscreen monitor, enabling easy integration into custom enclosures or other equipment for a range of applications. This small touchscreen monitor sacrifices nothing in slick design, but now has the added responsiveness of a 5 point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen integrated in a rugged, durable molded metal product cycle-enclosure. No external changes are needed when it comes time to phase in future generation panels. The UM-760C-OF open frame touchscreen monitor delivers the most cost-effective solution for applications such as hospitality, retail, trade shows, gaming, light industrial automation, and much more.

Video, Touch, and Power Via Single USB Connection

Utilizing the same single cable USB display technology found on our line of displays, the UM-760C-OF delivers video, touch, and power over a single USB connection. No more cluttered connections or the inconvenience of connecting AC power to your wall or desk-mounted display.

Now Available with HDMI Video

Now optionally available with the omnipresent HDMI input for video. In addition to the convenience of single cable USB video, Mimo Monitors’ UM-760CH-OF now has supplementary HDMI video connection optionally available. This is great for situations where USB video is inconvenient or unavailable. With the HID-compliant touchscreen in addition to HDMI video, the new UM-760CH-OF can be installed to almost any platform without needing to install additional drivers.

Uniquely, this new monitor line still reduces the number of cables required for operation. A typical HDMI touch display requires 3 separate cables, but Mimo’ s new HDMI touch displays require just 2 cables. This simplifies connection and makes for a more attractive, sleek installation.

Note to Mac OS users: requires the additional purchase of $35 driver to activate touchscreen capability.


  • 7” diagonal, 16:9, 1024×600 Resolution
  • Viewing angles: 75/75/70/70
  • Contrast ratio: 700:1
  • Luminance, White: 250 CD/m2
  • Capacitive 5 point touch panel
  • Windows and Linux HID support (MAC coming soon)
  • Rear 4 point mounting for secure installation
  • Employs DisplayLinkTM technology that provides video, touch, and power over a single USB connection (UM-760C-OF) or HDMI (UM-760CH-OF)
    Ultra-light, weighs less than 1 pound

Secondary-customer facing display in retail POS environments, information kiosks, hospitality, and gaming and just a few of the possible applications

As with all our monitors, the Mimo 760C-OF is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, and Mac OS.  Note to Mac OS users: requires the additional purchase of $35 driver to activate touchscreen capability.
Mechanical drawings available upon request

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