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e-screen grey background NEW! Mimo Myst Link 10.1" This innovative conference room solution is recognized by PCs as a regular display, maximizing usable space and productivity, without increasing complexity and IT requirements. Due to its ubiquitous cabling, which also supplies power (no power at the table needed!), it is seamless for IT to set up and simple to maintain, cutting long-term costs and the need for technical know-how. MIMO Featured image Read More e-screen grey background Browse Through
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Mimo 10.1″ Open Frame Multi Point Capacitive Touch Display


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Product description

MIMO 10.1″ Multi Point Capacitive Touch (UM-1080C-OF)

Open Frame IPS 1280×800 USB Display

Multi Point Capacitive Touch Open Frame 10.1” IPS USB Monitor
One of our most powerful and workplace-friendly products around, the Mimo UM-1080C-OF is a stunning and sleek 10.1-inch open frame capacitive touch monitor designed for you, the user, regardless of your needs. It is ready for everything from industrial equipment control to boardroom meetings and Netflix marathons. Custom-designed to incorporate a minimalistic framing, it can be quickly installed in pre-existing enclosures and on equipment without hassle over incompatibilities due to size. Its enclosure is rugged and thoroughly coated to promote increased longevity and negate risk of damage, and when the time comes to swap it out for a newer model it can be done in a snap. The UM-1080C-OF is the perfect choice for those seeking a versatile display alternative without sacrificing the integrity of their existing working areas. Boasting a 180-degree viewing angle, rear 4-point mounting, and a light weight of only 2 pounds, you can’t do wrong with this sleek little multipurpose device.

Stay Connected with Single Cable USB Video and Power
With a one single cable USB connection, the UM-1080C-OF sends video, touch, and power. Combined with our widest 180 degree viewing angle and the option for either landscape or portrait orientation, this versatile capacitive touch monitor has it all.
Note to Mac OS users: to active touchscreen capability, the purchase of an additional $35 driver is required.
10.1” diagonal, IPS, 16:10, 1280×800 Resolution
Multi Point Capacitive Touch
Viewing angles: 85/85/85/85
Contrast ratio: 800:1
Luminance, White: 350 CD/m2
Rear 4 point mounting for secure installation
DisplayLinkTM technology provides video, touch, and power over a single USB connection
Weighs less than 2 pounds
Applications including secondary customer-facing display in retail POS environments, kiosks, gaming, and more
Mechanical drawings available upon request
This beautiful and easy-to-use device was designed for full compatibility with Windows 7 to 10 (and everything in between), as well as Linux and Mac OS X, though this driver is required for touch support on the latter, which is possible on Intel systems only. Display-only mode with Windows 2000/XP/Vista is also readily supported, but third-party drivers are required to enable Windows XP touch support.
Go Further With USB Extender
Our high-speed USB extender delivers true plug-and-play functionality. It was designed to use USB power over twisted pair cabling, so you no longer need to remain close to a power outlet. Minimize clutter and maximize efficiency with this powerful yet incredibly simple companion device that is as streamlined as our UM-1080C-OF monitor.
Mac OS X Touchscreen Support
This driver is required for using the Mimo 1080C-OF with a Macintosh computer (Intel-based only) to support touchscreen functions.

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