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MicroTouch Multi Touch Controller 98-1100-0659-4


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15 in stock

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Product description

Features proprietary MicroTouch ASIC design

Reports simultaneous touches with palm rejection faster than the 60 Hz refresh rate of most commercial displays

High signal-to-noise ratio provides input flexibility including thin gloves, fingertips, conductive styli and active pens.

Ultra-high definition touch for smooth draw and ability to distinguish multiple fingers in close proximity

Single communications protocol for any size between 32” and 65” facilitates seamless application development

Can be tuned for application-specific performance


The MicroTouch touch Controller is designed to operate with MicroTouch Multi touch Sensor PCT4000PX in size ranges from 32″ to 65″. Whether you’re designing for multi touch, multiusers, gestures or all of the above, the MicroTouch Multi touch Controller has the speed and responsiveness you’ve come to expect. The advanced controller design has a built in palm rejection feature, which helps ignore unintended screen touches that can occur through natural user interaction. At the core of the controller is the MicroTouch Multi touch Controller PX5000 ASIC, design by MicroTouch using our 30+ years of capacitive sensing experience it is a stable platform that OEMs and integrators can count on today and for years into the future

Compatible with MicroTouch Multi-Touch PCAP Pro-Series 98-1100-0743-6, 98-1100-0747-7 and 98-1100-0757-6

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