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LCD Video Wall Displays (49′-55′)

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Product description

LCD Video Wall Display

Indoor Digital Signage is almost a requirement nowadays for business on the high street, why not go all out with our Video wall.

these videowalls allow  for you to create a huge flush indoor display that seamlessly integrates into your establishment, they can be used for a plethora of different uses and sectors, for example in the entertainment sector our video wall panels can be joined together to make a huge TV to watch sports on, alternatively in the retail sector you could make an immersive showcase of your products to engage and attract customers

Smooth LCD Video Wall Panels:

Our stunning LCD video wall has a thin 3.5mm border.

The thinness of these displays means that viewers will not be distracted by thick borders and means that your content can daisy chain fluidly as if its on big display.

The modern design highlights your content, making it the main focus and ensures it delivers your message effectively.

You can easily make your display bigger or smaller to fit any space and create an impressive display. This display is perfect for showing products, promoting your brand, or capturing your audience with attractive visuals. It leaves a lasting impression.

With state of the art display technology, images are crystal clear.


4K Daisy Chain Tiling on your LCD Video Wall

Connect the LCD Video wall to 4K signals using DisplayPort. This will save money and improve video quality on your display. This enables seamless connection and display of high-resolution content.

The system has a matrix processor that helps with installing and maintaining these displays, making setup and management easier.

This feature makes sure the everything works well, giving users a good viewing experience. By using advanced features, you can improve your performance, functionality, and quality while saving money.

Are the Video Walls Compatible with 4k?


You can use Ultra High Definition resolution for large-scale LCD Video Walls without needing external matrix controllers.

This is ideal for 4K sources because it displays every detail of the content vividly and clearly. This technology allows for a seamless viewing experience, with crisp images and vibrant colours that will captivate any audience.

Without external matrix controllers, setting up and managing your display is easier and cheaper. With this level of resolution and clarity, the possibilities for creating impactful and immersive visual displays are endless.

How Bright are the Video walls?

Our Video walls are equipped with commercial grade IPS Technology allowing 500cd/m²,this is 2 to 3 times brighter than the average TV.

Also, with commercial grade IPS Technology   you will see amazing image quality and colours that are unmatched. No matter what angle you view the screen from, you will be amazed by the clarity and vibrancy of the colours.

IPS technology makes colours on the screen look real, no matter how you look at it, just like real-life colours. This technology ensures that all details and colours appear clear and realistic, providing an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. IPS technology improves viewing experience with vibrant colours and wide angles, making it enjoyable and beautiful for the eyes.

Versatile Multiple Inputs

Users can connect devices with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs this means that although this is made for business, you could make your own Video wall at home for a personal theatre or to watch sports.

Users can connect these inputs to internal processors or external controllers. This allows users to customize their setup to fit their individual requirements. This improves user experience and gives more control over display settings.

Overall, users have flexibility and functionality when using HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. They can also connect to matrix processors or controllers. This allows them to create a dynamic and efficient display setup.

Eco-Friendly Power Timer

The LCD Video Wall comes with LED backlight technology, reducing power consumption by approximately 30%.

A smart power timer is also equipped which responds to input signals, meaning that you can set times for when you want the display on, powering the display only when needed.

Smart Temperature Control

With an internal fanless cooling system maintaining optimal internal temperature, we can guarantee longevity on these displays.

Looking for an alternative?

why not check out our even Slimmer Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD Video Wall  that contains all the amazing features this on does but with 0.88 mm bezel that is practically invisible. we strongly recommend this one if your looking for digital signage without distractions from bezels





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49 inch, 55 inch

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