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JCM UBA PRO Bill Validator


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As we are now a part of the Eurocoin Group we now stock JCM UBA PRO and other JCM Products in the UK




THE JCM UBA PRO IS THE NEXT-GENERATION BILL VALIDATOR. The all-new UBA® Pro sets new standards in automated transactions across the kiosk, retail, and gaming industries. Meticulously designed for modern business environments, the UBA® Pro’s improved design delivers better performance including faster note-to-note acceptance, low cost of ownership and reduced service and repair downtime.

The Acceptance Rate of the JCM UBA PRO

  • boasts an impressive acceptance rate, reliably accepting 98% or more of all banknotes, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions with minimal disruptions.


  • Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the JCM UBA PRO accepts banknotes one at a time, ensuring precise handling and accurate processing with each insertion.

Banknote Size

  • Accommodating a wide range of banknote sizes, this device is suitable for currencies with long sides spanning from 120mm to 165mm and short sides ranging from 62mm to 85mm, ensuring compatibility with various denominations and types of currency.

Banknote Size Recycler

  • While this model does not feature a banknote size recycler, it excels in other areas of functionality, such as versatile banknote insertion and efficient processing.

Banknote Insertion Direction

  • With the capability to accept banknotes in four different orientations, the JCM UBA PRO offers flexibility and convenience, allowing users to insert banknotes in the most comfortable and intuitive manner.

Barcode Ticket

  • Offering enhanced functionality, this device supports two-way insertion of barcode tickets, ensuring seamless integration with ticket-based systems. Additionally, four-way insertion is available as an optional feature, providing versatility to suit various operational needs.


  • Prior to processing, the JCM UBA PRO securely holds one banknote in escrow, providing users with the opportunity to verify the inserted banknote before final acceptance, enhancing transaction security and customer confidence.

Recycler Capacity

  • Featuring ample capacity, this device can accommodate banknotes with dimensions of up to 301mm in width, 225mm in height, and 114mm in depth, providing sufficient space for efficient storage and retrieval of banknotes.


  • Weighing approximately 4 kilograms, this JCM UBA PRO offers a balance of sturdiness and portability, making it suitable for various installation environments and operational requirements.

Supply Voltage

  • With the flexibility to operate on either 12V DC with a tolerance of -5% or 24V DC with a tolerance of +10%, this device ensures compatibility with different power sources, offering versatility and ease of integration.

Cash Box Capacity

  • Equipped with a spacious cash box, this device can hold up to 500 new banknotes or 900 new banknotes, providing ample storage capacity for prolonged operation without the need for frequent cash box replenishment.


  • Featuring a comprehensive range of interfaces including USB, Photo-Coupler Isolation, RS232C, ccTalk, and TTL, this device offers seamless connectivity options, facilitating integration with various systems and peripherals for enhanced functionality and versatility.

JCM Gen 5 Thermal Printer

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