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Freestanding Outdoor Digital Posters – (43″-75″)

£4,905.00£16,125.00Approximately:$6,253.88 - $20,559.38

IP Rated Ultra High Brightness Digital Signage Totem Solution

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Product description

The Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster 


Enhanced Sunlight Readability

Step into the brilliance of our Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster, where clarity meets innovation. Built with commercial-grade ultra-high brightness panels to reach an impressive 2,500cd/m² of brightness, this outdoor digital poster is 10 times brighter than domestic TV’s.

Even under the direct sun’s gaze, readability remains effortless, making it your go-to solution for outdoor messaging that demands attention.

 Will my Outdoor Digital Poster be affected by exterior elements

In the dynamic landscape of public spaces, durability is paramount. Encased in a mild steel enclosure with a thermally-toughened glass front, our IK10 rated  Digital Poster stands as an impervious fortress against potential damage. Controls and inputs discreetly hide, deterring tampering and ensuring a worry-free display in high-traffic areas.

Battle-Tested Weatherproof Design: IP65 Shield

Confronting the elements head-on, this is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Enclosed within an IP65-rated fortress, it bravely faces wet weather and airborne dust particles. Waterproof coatings on internal circuit boards and over moulded AV connectors add an extra layer of defence, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Temperature Control Mastery: Prolonged Lifespan

Unlock the secret to prolonged longevity. The advanced temperature control system orchestrates internal airflow, maintaining the screen at optimal temperatures regardless of external conditions. Tailor the built-in air conditioning to conquer diverse climates, safeguarding the lifespan of your Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster.

Simplified Maintenance Routine: Effortless Operations

For seamless operations, a secure internal locker awaits within the Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster. Perfect for accommodating small-sized third-party media players or PCs, it streamlines maintenance and content management. Flexibility meets simplicity, enhancing the dynamic nature of your outdoor messaging strategy.

Internal Locker Flexibility: Tailored Connectivity

Adaptability is at the forefront. When sourcing content externally, the lockable compartment provides ample space for a PC or media player. Connect seamlessly via HDMI, VGA, or 3.5mm audio inputs, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your unique requirements.

Anti-Reflective Glass 

Experience the magic of sunlight diffusion with specially treated anti-reflective glass gracing the front. Your Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster remains easily readable, even in the brightest weather conditions, becoming your visual storyteller under the sun.

Plug and Play Simplicity: Engaging Content Upload

Embark on a journey of engaging content with Plug and Play simplicity. Load your images and videos onto a USB, insert it into the display, and let the magic unfold. Your visuals play in a continuous loop, effortlessly captivating your audience and breathing life into your messaging strategy.

4K Compatibility

Delve into a realm of immersive detail with 4K compatibility. Boasting four times the resolution of Full HD, our Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster ensures breath-taking picture quality, transforming your content into an immersive visual experience when connected via HDMI.

 Network Upgrade available

Embrace enhanced connectivity with the optional network upgrade for your Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster. Connect seamlessly via Wi-Fi, LAN, or 4G, and remotely update content over the internet. Stay in control, no matter the distance.

Tailored to your needs

Explore bespoke solutions with our customization services. Whether incorporating a camera or a touch screen upgrade, or modifying existing models with a 4G module or a vinyl logo/wrap, we cater to your unique needs. Crafted to be an extension of your brand’s identity.

In conclusion, this is not just a display; it’s a sunlit marvel, a fortress against vandalism, and a weatherproof warrior. Elevate your outdoor messaging with a display designed to withstand and captivate, a true masterpiece of visibility and resilience.

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