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MicroTouch Surface capacitive controller (USB) – EXII7760UC


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Product description

The EXII Surface capacitive controller (usb) is designed for use with the 3M SCT3250 range of surface capacitive sensors.

A World-Class Electronics Solution

The MicroTouch™

The MicroTouch™ EX II Series Controllers bring flexibility and feature rich functionality to capacitive touch screen applications. This high performance electronics platform is based on the innovative MicroTouch™ EX II ASIC, designed to provide high resolution, on-chip RAM, and a wide operating temperature range. With expanded regulatory approvals, improved power modes, and enhanced ESD and EMI protection, this controller series is a robust solution for popular touch applications.

Advanced Firmware Download Capability Culminating decades of touch technology experience, the EX II Series electronics enables advanced firmware download capabilities, optimized for MicroTouch™ ClearTek™II and legacy ClearTek™ touch screens. Standard factory-loaded firmware can be easily updated or replaced at some future date with downloadable, newer firmware revisions to match updated software application functionality. This field upgrade capability can mean minimal downtime for software upgrades

Product Highlights

  • State-of-the-art accuracyand touch response
  • Standard-setting ESD and EMI protection
  • Firmware download capability provides flexibility
  • Wide operating temperature
  • High touch coordinate resolution of 16k x 16k*
  • USB, HID, RS232-compliant interfaces

Advance your touch screen technology with  MicroTouch™ EX – our surface capacitive touch controller designed to provide high resolution, on-chip RAM and a wide operating temperature range for touch screen applications. The tethered touch pen support allows state-of-the-art accuracy and touch response. It also features enhanced ESD and EMI protection and has USB, HID and RS232-compliant interfaces.

  • Use for touch screen applications offering high resolution touch coordinates, on-chip RAM and a wide operating/storage temperature range
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