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15″ Digital Rod Display


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Product description

Our 15″ Digital Rod Displays

The estate agent  display, a captivating showcase of property listings and promotions with our  Digital Rod Displays. Elevate your presentation, catch the eye of potential clients, and stand out in the competitive real estate market.

Plug and Play Simplicity:

Experience hassle-free content updates with our built-in HD media player. Simply load your visuals onto a USB memory stick, insert it into the display, and watch as the screen seamlessly plays your property images and videos in a continuous loop.

Rod Powered Efficiency:

Achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic with rod-powered displays that eliminate the need for messy cables. Enjoy a clean installation while showcasing your properties in a sophisticated manner.

High Brightness for Maximum Visibility:

Boasting 1,000cd/m² brightness, our displays ensure easy readability  displays, making your property listings unmissable. Four times brighter than standard home TVs, these commercial-grade panels are perfect for drawing attention from passers-by.

Versatile Rear Graphics Pocket: Maximize your display space with the rear graphics pocket, allowing you to insert printed graphics to enhance your property presentation. Easily removable, this feature comes standard at no extra cost.

LED Frame Elegance:

Complement traditional static light pockets seamlessly with the attractive LED illuminated bevelled edge of our Digital Rod Displays. Add a touch of sophistication to your estate agent display.

Smart Android Integration:

Enjoy the convenience of an integrated Android media player, enabling easy upgrades to a network version without additional hardware. Install third-party Android apps as needed for a customizable experience.

Network Upgrade Option:

For a small charge, elevate your estate agent  display to a networked system. Remotely update your content via LAN, Wi-Fi, or 4G, ensuring your property listings are always current and engaging.

Synchronized Presentation:

Create a stunning visual impact by synchronizing content across multiple Digital Rod Displays in the same display. Achieve seamless transitions and present your properties with a cohesive and professional touch.

Exclusive Template Library:

Unlock your creativity with our exclusive library of pre-designed editable templates. Choose from a variety of layouts, add your property images and information, and effortlessly publish captivating visuals to your estate agent  display.

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