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Digital Menu Boards – (32″-55″)

£470.00£995.00Approximately:$598.31 - $1,266.64

The Perfect Display to Show of Your Menu’s and Food Promotions

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Product description

The Digital Menu Boards        

Digital menu boards are the modern way to grab attention and boost your business. These attractive digital display boards with thin borders display excellent images and videos of your food, enticing customers with each look.

Update prices instantly, feature seasonal specials, and even run targeted promotions based on the time of day. Plus, easy-to-use software lets you change things on the fly, keeping your menu fresh and exciting. Say goodbye to printing costs and introduce impressed customers and sales

Simplified Control with our Digital Menu Boards

Making changes to your Digital Menu Boards is now a piece of cake.

Experience smooth online connectivity with our system. Just connect it to your network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet and easily manage your menu through

Gain full control over your menu screens without the need for specific software installation or a dedicated PC. Update your displays worldwide without any trouble, from any location with internet access.

Efficient Updates and Free Software License for Your Electronic Menu Board

  •  Free one-year subscription to our cloud-based content management system is included with the purchase of your menu board
  • Enjoy zero upfront costs for the initial 12 months, along with unlimited access and lifetime technical support.
  • Keep using your access by paying annually or choose a one-time payment for a lifetime pass. Easily change the information on your Digital Menu Boards whenever you want.

Pre-existing Templates for your Digital Menu Board Design

Explore our extensive collection of Digital Signage templates, featuring pre-designed options, custom layouts, and media files.

Adjust your Digital menu boards by adding pricing, branding, images, or videos. Easily adjust font size and colour; our templates are completely adaptable to match your food preferences.

Multi-Screen Coordination for Digital Display Board Synchronization

Harmonize your Digital Menu Boards over numerous screens on the same network, producing flawless displays, especially above counters.

Our menu boards have a bright IPS panel, perfect for any lighting.

Experience 24/7 usage without sacrificing picture clarity, thanks to a lifespan of over 70,000 hours. The absence of external buttons guarantees operation free from tampering.

Elegant Narrow Bezel

The slim bezel design makes your menu stand out by creating a seamless display with thin edges and precise images.

 Adaptable Screen Orientation for Customized Display

Select from portrait or landscape orientation to meet your unique needs.

Built-in Audio Feature for Improved User Experience

Comes with two in-built speakers, ideal for applications that require audio components.

Easy-to-use Plug and Play Feature

You can update your screen easily using the USB backup option, even without internet connection.

Put your Playlist on a USB stick and plug it into the Digital Menu Board. The system will transfer and start playing your templates, timetable, and content.

 Energy-Saving Eco Power Timer for Sustainable Functioning

Lower your energy usage with the Eco Power Timer function, which automatically switches off during idle hours.

Set daily or weekly On/Off schedules for maximum power efficiency.

Interactive Scrolling Text for Captivating Presentations

You can display scrolling messages or live news updates on your menu board. You have the option to customize the font, size, colour, speed, and direction of the display. This allows for a dynamic and engaging presentation.

Transform your dining experience with our advanced Digital Menu Boards – a blend of innovation and culinary excellence. Propel your business to greater heights and maintain a competitive edge. Uncover the potential of seamless management and actualize your culinary dream.

Looking for an alternative?

The Economy Professional Monitor

For a cheaper alternative without an android media player we have the Economy Professional Monitor that delivers 4k visuals and a commercial grade panel for projects with budget constraints

What are Digital Menu Boards?

Digital Menu Boards are Displays that are most commonly used to display Menu's at Food places or pricelists of items in the retail sector, they offer the ability of vibrant visuals and an easy way to update content, they're extremely versatile in the sense that you can display whatever you want and they work in landscape and portrait orientation

How to Design Digital Menu Board Content

There are many ways to do this, for example, we offer a CMS Subscription (1 year free with the purchase of a menu board!) with pre made templates and you can make the designs for your menu board. Alternatively there are many companies that will make the designs for you.

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32", 43", 50", 55"

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