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Product description

Digital Shelf Display

Transform your retail shelving with an innovative digital shelf display solution. Say goodbye to traditional printed shelf labels and embrace a new era of retail marketing. Digital shelf displays offer a range of benefits that will revolutionize your store.

Eye-catching animation for in-store marketing

One of the standout features of these displays is the ability to showcase eye-catching animations, creating a captivating in-store marketing experience. With the click of a button, you can remotely publish dynamic pricing strategies, instantly updating your shelves and keeping your pricing strategies up to date.

Multi-screen synchronisation for wider audience

Combine digital shelf displays with Ultra-Wide Stretched Displays to create striking shelving and end-aisle displays that will grab the attention of your customers. Another advantage of these displays is the multi-screen synchronisation function, which allows you to seamlessly run attention-grabbing content across multiple displays. This feature is perfect for promotional endcaps and ensures that your marketing messages reach a wider audience.

Sleek, narrow bezel design

We understand the importance of aesthetics in retail spaces, which is why these displays feature a streamlined enclosure with a sleek, narrow bezel. This design not only maximizes the impact of your content but also reduces strain on shelf edges and adds to the overall aesthetic of your store.

Clear HD resolution for precise display

Digital shelf displays offer clear HD resolution, ensuring that your content, including small writing and QR codes, is displayed with precision. Whether you’re showcasing labels or playing videos, these displays guarantee the best results.

Anti-glare coating for optimum legibility

To combat glare and ensure legibility, these shelf displays are equipped with a special anti-glare coating. This feature diffuses reflections without reducing brightness, making it easy for your customers to read small text on price labels, even when mounted at upwards-tilted angles.

Network CMS and multiple media zones

Enjoy a hassle-free network upgrade with these  shelf displays, which come with free network CMS functionality. You can easily update the screen via USB plug and play or use third-party software if necessary, giving you complete control over your content. These displays offer multiple media zones, allowing you to section off the screen and display multiple images, videos, scrolling text, and even webpages. This feature gives you the flexibility to create engaging and dynamic content that captures your customers’ attention.

Interactive experience with in-cell PCAP touch

With in-cell PCAP touch technology, you can provide an interactive experience without the need for a glass front. This ensures superior optical quality and keeps the weight of the displays to a minimum. And with built-in touch functionality included at no extra cost, you can futureproof your displays.

Accurate image quality with IPS panel

Designed for brightly-lit retail spaces, these displays feature a commercial IPS panel that guarantees accurate image quality at an ultra-wide viewing angle in any direction. Your content will stand out, and the colours will remain vivid and true-to-life.

Upgrade to digital shelf displays and elevate your retail shelving experience. Enhance your marketing efforts, captivate your customers, and make your store truly stand out.

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