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Dear Valued Customer

After decades in the business, 3M has decided to leave the touch screen market and is closing 3M touch systems limited.

3M has decided to exit the 3M Touch Systems business and plans to discontinue all Surface Capacitive, Projected Capacitive and display products currently in production. We expect last shipments to be completed by the end of March 2021.

Stay calm, and don’t panic.

E-screen can still support its customers in the future

We have alternative brands of PCAP and Surface capacitive touch screens coming into stock which have been designed to match the performance and sizes of 3M products as well as a range of PCAP and surface capacitive touch screen monitors.

The reason…

3M has reached out to explain the transition

This decision was made to allow the 3M Display Materials and Systems Division to focus on more significant growth areas that are better aligned to 3M’s fundamental strengths.

3M anticipates a smooth product discontinuation process and is committed to a high level of customer service throughout the product discontinuation process.

We are expecting large volumes of orders and would suggest placing orders for future requirements as soon as possible to ensure supply. We sell the complete range of 3M Touch Systems product, many from stock.

If the part number you require is not listed on our site WE CAN STILL SUPPLY just click here and leave us your requirements and we will quote by return.

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Last Time Buy Opportunity

There is a “last time buy opportunity” on the entire range of 3M Monitors and touch screens, the last time buy orders must be placed by October 31st 2020.

Though this is a little way away due to the volume of machines and equipment utilising 3M touch technology the demand is extremely high putting pressure on the ability to produce 3M touch products in a timely manner therefore we are advsieing all customers to place orders as soon as possible to allow us to satisfy demand.  We do also have reasonably good stock levels currently and future orders scheduled for delivery, though these are selling quickly.

3M Touch Monitors

3M Projected Capacitive

3M Surface Capacitive

Misc Gaming Touchscreens

Touchscreens for Bally/SG

Touchscreens for IGT

Touchscreens for Novomatic

Part Not Listed Here?

Chat to us and we can assist with or supply any 3M Touch product.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What specific products are you discontinuing?

    3M Touch Systems’ Surface Capacitive, Projected Capacitive, Electronics and Display product lines are being discontinued.

    Can I still order these products?

    Yes. 3M is offering a last time buy opportunity for all of its products. Orders must be received by 3M prior to October 31, 2020 and all products must be shipped prior to

    What if I order these products after the Purchase Order deadline?

    Orders cannot be accepted after the purchase order deadline of October 31, 2020.

    Do you have replacements for these products?

    Yes, e-screen can assist you in finding replacement parts.

    Is there a performance issue with any of the discontinued products?


    Will 3M be honoring its warranty on all Touch Products?

    3M intends to honour all its warranty obligations for all touch products. 3M’s standard terms and conditions state that 3M has an obligation to “repair, replace or refund” at 3M’s discretion. 3M will provide refunds in the future if a warranty issue arises.

    Can I expect other DMSD products to discontinued?

    No. 3M is not announcing any additional product discontinuations at this time.

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