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Projected Capacitive Manufacturer

e screen has been appointed as the official UK distributor for DISPLAX SKIN MESH product range

3M plans to discontinue all Surface Capacitive, Projected Capacitive and display products currently in production. DISPLAX offers industry-leading drop-in replacement screens.

DISPLAX is a world leader of Ultra Large projected capacitive multitouch technology. They develop and manufacture a complete offer both for Signage and Collaboration, achieving different performances, sizes and allowing customization, always according to your needs and project requirements.

DISPLAX PCAP Touch Products

Production Capacity

DISPLAX manufacturing facilities are located in Portugal, in the headquarter, together with the rest of the company, to ensure an agile and continuous flow of feedback with the R&D and sales teams. Production team manufactures, inspects and tests 100% of their products prior to shipment. DISPLAX uses the most advanced equipment in the production process to ensure the best product quality.

DISPLAX manufacturing facilities are regularly updated in terms of capacity to anticipate market growth and customer demand.

As a result of the confidence in their R&D development and in the reliability of their manufacturing process, all the products in their Skin product range have a 2-year warranty included.

Technical Support

On top of the warranty, when you buy a DISPLAX product you also gain access to a team of engineers and technicians with multiple years of experience in the touch-field whose mission is to help their customers.

As DISPLAX products are used in projects worldwide, the support team covers multiple time zones. This ensures a low response time for every region in the World, whenever a customer needs their help.

The support team also works in the development of educational content about the use and integration of our products. This results in an extensive knowledge library with documentation and videos to provide help and autonomy necessary.

Skin Mesh

Great Performance at High Transparency

Outstanding Performance

Skin Mesh is based on Metal Mesh technology, it has great performance at high transparency.

  • Great light transmission
  • Low resistance
  • Easy to Assemble

DISPLAX owns the development of the Touch Controller, Touch Algorithms, Hardware, Firmware and Software.

Standard Sizes

Skin Mesh is available in Standard Sizes.

Even though 55″ is the most common choice, it’s also available in:

22″, 24″, 27″, 32″, 43″, 65″, 75″, 85″ and 86″.





Self-Service Kiosks usually require good screen visibility since they are on shopping centers thus, not having great lighting conditions.

With Skin Mesh any structure will stand out since it possesses non-visible wires making any image stand out more!

LCD Integration

Easy to assemble and HID ready, Skin Mesh is the perfect solution to integrate with a LCD to make an Ultra Large Multitouch LCD or an All-In-One unit.

Tuning Software

Skin Mesh settings are flexible to adjust and it already comes with Auto-tuning Software, that easily adjusts the touch.

With this, the touch controller is constantly adapting the touch detection parameters making it just a Plug & Play touch device.

Skin Mesh also is compatible with DISPLAX Connect, thus minimizing the learning curve!

Great Performance at High Transparency

Highly Transparent

Up to 5mm Thick

High Volume

22″ – 86″

Finger Touches

Fast Touch Response

True HID Multitouch

Native single and multitouch support from OS





Raspberry Pi

Chrome OS

Web OS

Tizen OS

HID Mouse Emulation

Digital Signage Players


Smart Signage



DISPLAX PCAP Touch Products


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