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Digital Signage Solutions for Restaurants

Economy Commercial Monitors (43′-55′) A picture of the Economy professional monitor with a white background

Economy Commercial Monitors (43'-55')

The economy professional monitor is a great choice for businesses looking for a budget-friendly option for digital signage. It has a clear display and can connect to different devices easily. £430.00£595.00Approximately:$549.11 - $759.82 Shop Now
High Brightness Outdoor Digital  A-Board 43”

High Brightness Outdoor Digital A-Board 43”

Discover our high-definition, portable display designed for continuous use with a 27-hour battery life. Featuring an Android media player and a sunlight-readable 1,500 cd/m2 IPS panel, it delivers stunning visuals in any light. Enjoy a wide viewing angle for clear images from almost any position—ideal for all-day, all-night content display, indoors or out. £2,750.00Approximately:$3,511.75 Shop Now
Freestanding PCAP Outdoor Multi Touch Screen Posters (43″-75″)

Freestanding PCAP Outdoor Multi Touch Screen Posters (43"-75")

IP Rated Ultra High Brightness Digital Signage Totem Solution £5,345.00£18,605.00Approximately:$6,825.57 - $23,758.59 Shop Now
Ultra High Brightness Digital Window Display   – (43″-75″)

Ultra High Brightness Digital Window Display - (43"-75")

Ultra High Brightness Digital Window Display
Window Displays are super important to attract customers to your store, in fact ScreenCloud reported that 8/10  customers have entered a store because of digital signage catching their interest. this is much higher than the average static window display or window design. Digital Window Displays are a great way to...
£1,770.00£4,370.00Approximately:$2,260.29 - $5,580.49 Shop Now

Discover a diverse range of restaurant-focused digital signage at E-Screen

We provide customised displays like Point of Sale, outdoor, Indoor, and self service kiosk displays to improve customer experience.


At E-Screen, we make our interfaces user-friendly and our features customisable to match your brand smoothly. We know how important it is to make switching to new technology easy. That’s why we provide fast responses and good warranties to make sure using our products are stress-free for you.


We are not just a Restaurant Digital Signage provider; we are a partner committed to helping you succeed. If you need help with our products, we are here to assist you with installation, fixing problems, and any other issues.

Our goal is to help your business thrive and stand out with our innovative and reliable signage solutions.

Why use Digital Signage in a Restaurant?

Restaurant digital Signage is a great way to, increase the number of customers that come in to your establishment, increase the number of orders from customers, and a way to give your customers an overall better dining experience, in fact a recent study states that 29.5% of customers find digital menus influential for purchase of products.

Prime Burger in the UK, saw a 50% increase in their sales after replacing their outdated static signs for new dynamic displays

Scroll down for inspiration and ideas on how you can improve your restaurant space and increase sales with digital signage


Point of Sale Displays

Point of sale displays are key in retail digital signage, strategically placed near cash registers or high-traffic areas to capture customer attention at the end of their shopping journey.

These displays enhance the shopping experience by showcasing products and promotions in visually appealing ways, encouraging impulse purchases. Additionally, they provide valuable product information and deals, aiding customers in making informed decisions. Effective displays not only boost sales but also positively impact the customer experience, increasing the likelihood of return visits.


Indoor Freestanding Displays

Indoor displays are a crucial component of retail digital signage, strategically placed to attract customer attention and enhance store aesthetics.

These freestanding displays feature attractive designs and offer key information about products or promotions, aiding in decision-making and boosting sales. By presenting products neatly and appealingly, they improve the shopping atmosphere, fostering a welcoming environment that can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately encouraging repeat business.


Digital Window Display Signage

Window displays are vital for retail businesses utilizing digital signage, designed to captivate potential customers and increase foot traffic. These displays effectively showcase the brand’s message and highlight promotions or products through visual storytelling, generating curiosity and excitement.

They attract attention with their appealing visuals, engaging messages, and strategic placement, enhancing the shopping experience and encouraging customers to explore further. By drawing in customers and making the store’s offerings memorable, window displays are instrumental in boosting sales and enhancing brand awareness, making them ideal for promotions, new products, or special events.

E-screen offers numerous innovative ways to feature your products using digital signage.

Retail Digital Signage presents a wide range of options for businesses seeking creative display solutions. At E-Screen, we are dedicated to offering versatile signage solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We understand the importance of creating engaging customer experiences and are committed to helping businesses reach their objectives through innovative Digital Signage.

In addition to our core offerings, we provide an extensive selection of Digital Signage products specifically designed for retail environments.


Reach out for a Custom Solution or Explore Our Catalog

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